Seven Questions to Ask Your Builder
7 important questions to ask any builder before commencing work on a project

1) Does your building company hold a QBCC Builders License and who is the licensee for the company?

It is important to check that the builder you are using is operating legally, has a license and has a great track record.
Sherriff Contractors are a licensed building company.
Brenden Sherriff is both the owner and nominee licensee for the company.
Visit “QBCC Licence Check” to view our licenses and track record. Our license number is 1312726.

2) Do you get involved at design stage?

We believe that it is important for your builder to get involved at the design stage.
At Sherriff Contractors we get involved from the start and with our expert knowledge we understand what is possible and how best to achieve your desired outcome. This enables us to present you with different options and then explore how we can turn your vision into reality.

3) Do you use pre-qualified trade contractors and suppliers, or do you tender each job out and use the cheapest?

Sherriff Contractors only uses pre-qualified trades contractors and suppliers who we have worked with in the past and who have always delivered a high-quality finish on time. We know how they work; they know how we work, resulting in a project that runs smoothly.

4) Who will be the person running the job?

Brendan Sherriff, the owner of Sherriff Contractors will be the “supervisor on site”. By dealing directly with Brendan you will have peace of mind knowing that the “buck stops” with us!

5) Am I going to get a detailed, comprehensive quote or an estimate?

We will present you with a clear, detailed, comprehensive quote and scope of work; this will avoid hidden surprises and cost overruns. Beware of estimates and low price “Provisional Cost” items. These will end up costing you more later. You want to be well informed and have clarity on what is and is not included in your quote.

6) Do you offer a warranty?

Sherriff Contractors offer a QBCC backed 6.5-year warranty on structural works and a QBCC 12-month warranty on any cosmetic defects.

7) Do you have any references, testimonials, and photos of completed projects?

Sherriff Contractors receives many fantastic testimonials from happy clients. We would love to invite you to view these, as well as photographs on our website. We would also be delighted to share contact details of past clients for testimonial purposes!

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