Harmoniously Blending the New with the Old

At Sherriff Contractors, we bring our expertise from kitchen renovations and outdoor living to the realm of home extensions. Our focus is on creating extensions that not only add space and functionality to your home but also blend seamlessly with your existing structure, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious design.

Crafting extensions that feel like home.

Seamless Integration

Our goal is to make the new parts of your home feel like they were always there. We pay close attention to the proportions and architectural details to ensure that the extension complements your existing home perfectly.

Adding Carports

A carport is more than just a practical addition; it’s an extension of your home’s aesthetic. We design and construct carports that not only serve their purpose but also enhance the overall look of your property.

Ensuring Cohesion

We understand the importance of a cohesive design. Our team ensures that every aspect of the extension, from the roofline to the exterior finishes, aligns perfectly with your existing home.

Our Services:

Beyond just adding space.

Considered Changes

Every extension we undertake is thoughtfully planned. We consider how each change will affect the flow and feel of your entire home, ensuring that the extension is a natural progression of your existing space.

Extensions That Complement

Our extensions are designed to be more than just additional space; they are a continuation of your home’s story. We ensure that they don’t look like an afterthought but rather a well-integrated part of your home.

Our Process:

Tailored to your home’s story.

1. Consultation

We begin by understanding your needs and the unique aspects of your existing home. This helps us create an extension that truly fits

2. Design

Drawing from our experience in kitchens and outdoor living, we design your extension to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring it complements your home.

3. Construction

Our skilled team works meticulously to bring the design to life, paying attention to every detail to ensure a seamless integration.

4. Completion

The end result is an extension that feels like an integral part of your home, enhancing both its functionality and appeal.

Our Process:

Tailored to your home’s story.

4. Completion

The end result is an extension that feels like an integral part of your home, enhancing both its functionality and appeal.

Why choose us?

Harmonious Design

We specialize in extensions that maintain the integrity and style of your existing home.

Attention to Detail

Our experience in detailed projects like kitchen renovations and outdoor living informs our approach to home extensions.

Customized Solutions

We provide tailored solutions that respect the character of your home while meeting your needs for additional space.

Our extensions portfolio.

Explore our gallery below to see a range of our home extension projects.

Each project highlights our commitment to creating spaces that are both beautiful and seamlessly integrated with the existing home.

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